This page is created so as to communicated with the yoga friends some of the events that are of mutual interest.

All the views expressed in this web are personal and do not relate to any official standpoint.


My aim is to bring the gifts of yoga in the areas I am familiar with to  intetested persons.

Since my childhood, when I got acquainted with some philosophical and practical aspects of yoga, my aim was not to "spread yoga", but to practice yoga. It was Dr, M.V. Bhole, who prompted me during his visit in Kosice in 1993 to start sharing whatever I know in yoga with those interested. 

As in the socialist Czechoslovakia yoga was not welcome, it was a delicate task, but finally it was possible to find ways, how to do it and to find people, who were willing to participate in this project.

Thus first within the auspices of the Sport organizations (RTVŠ) and after 1990 through the SPJ and SAJ, not only yoga programs could be organizad, but also TTC was defined (for the whole Czechoslovakia) and trained.