In December 2022 - after 2 year´s COVID lapse - the Pre-Xmass 4 day yoga course in Morávka (CZ) will be held ( ).

In December 2022 a weekend will be devoted to Savita yoga in Budapest (info at:

In March 2023 a weekend will be devoted to Atma Vichara in Budapest (

We had a warm water holotropic breathwork in Lučivná in 31.3.-2. 4.2023

In May 2023 we had a Savita yoga workshop in Prague (contact:

During the Summer, we will have a Summer yoga camp in Kosická Belá in Hungarian, (info at: and, then in Žďárec (Czech Republic) and subsequenbtly again one in Košická Belá held in Slovak (see

During the Zinal Congress of the EUY, G.M. Timcak will have a series of workshops on Sublimation and tattwa shuddhi in yogic sadhana. It is a very efficient and interesting series of theoretical background and practices.

On 18.-19.12.2023 there will be an explorative  weekend seminar held by G.M. Timcsak on "Ajna and sahasrara sadhana" in Budapest ( info at ).